2016 FAll Sessions update

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2016 September + October Fall Sessions  


September  + October evenings are a beautiful time for photo sessions.  

 September weeknights are available.  September weekends are fully booked.  

October weekends available please inquire.  

Evening sessions are typically 1.5hrs before sunset and mornings 8am-11am.  

(November is reserved for weather related make up sessions and order production)


Please inquire ~ deliasphoto@gmail.com or 703.919.3749  





Look who's in front of the camera for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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Kiskadee photo shoot Breast cancer awareness month follow up on my journey.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

As someone who is usually the the one taking the photos, it was a nice change to be in front of the camera.  Especially when you are asked to model clothes from Kiskadee Boutique located in Alexandria, Virginia.  

Honored to be included in The Alexandria Stylebook for a follow up article.....http://alexandriastylebook.com/15773-2/  

October 2014  http://alexandriastylebook.com/awareness-enough-take-action/ 

October 2013  http://alexandriastylebook.com/street-style-delia/  

Stillness + quiet

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beach sunrise

Stillness + quiet…

Where the soul rises to the surface


Being quiet + still in the midst of a busy world is a reminder that there is so much more than just our small selves.  Witnessing the sunrise and knowing it displays itself in a different formation EVERY single DAY, but equally as spectacular and magical. 

We could all use a little stillness + quiet everyday!  It takes ACTION to be still and quiet.  You have to make the choice and make it a priority.  To consciously set aside a time and place, to hit the pause button for your mind chatter, and really listen and observe. 

It is a simple place in the midst of a busy world.  Each of us can explore a get creative to find that place that works best, on a particular day and time.  No time limit.  It can be as little as two minutes or 20 minutes.

The sunrise this morning on the beach, just happened to be where I spent my stillness and quiet today.  My yoga practice encourages the stillness in my chatty mind along with quiet movement with intention.  Of course, I had to photograph the sunrise first!

Try not to grasp, or have expectations but take charge and make it happen.   Step away from the computer, phone, IPAD, turn off the NEWS, the radio, and if need be, kindly ask others to respect your time to be quiet + still.   Often just turning off the constant influx of information is enough.  Better yet get outside find a shady spot sit on the grass, or park bench and let the birds serenade you!  Mother Nature is an amazing teacher!


Delia Sullivan www.deliasullivanphoto.com August 30 2015

High School Seniors

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senior fb post 20151senior fb post 20151



2015 High School Seniors 


High School Seniors are one of my favorites to photograph!

 I love engaging about the bittersweet feelings of leaving high school and

the excitement of what awaits in the future.  

Amazing young men + women that remind me why

 I love photographing people!





                                          Booking now for 2016 Senior Portraits

Summer + Fall

June-October 2015  


Click here to view more samples  http://deliaphoto.zenfolio.com/samplesssasportraits

* Inquire for information on prints, packages and CD of images 







"All is possible"

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“All is possible”

I recently had the opportunity to be the yoga instructor for a YOGA + Cultural Retreat in Guatemala!  


guate YOGA-001guate YOGA-001


The opportunity to create the retreat for Spring 2014 came in the Fall of 2013, as I was still navigating thru my breast cancer journey.  I was feeling vulnerable and unsure I would have anything to give as well as not knowing how my life would look in early Spring 2014.  

My heart was saying, “Yes, just do it!”  My logical brain was saying…but you don’t know what April 2014 will look like, how will you feel, will you be strong enough and have enough energy to offer others?  I was banking on the fact that the planning would help distract me from the cancer stuff and give me a reason to create something positive.  So I created the experience with Liza Fourre owner/director of ART Workshops of Guatemala.  Oh how I struggled with the notion of letting go of the outcome and remember all is possible!  It indeed happened and was a great experience of connection, learning, and growing for all involved.  A great example in my life of “all is possible!”  

Click here to view the video http://animoto.com/play/u2frkcsuNKowCU9ss9v1VQ


        guate lake yoga pic2014blwhguate lake yoga pic2014blwh


“All is possible”


I just left a yoga class with one of my favorite teachers here in Bethany beach, Delaware.  Lisa always creates an encouraging, nurturing, and energetic class!

While in the class today I had another "ahh ha" moment or I sometimes I like to call it an affirmation that “all is possible.”  It is a moment or moments when I feel an internal smile coming on.  Noticing on a physical level things like...my right arm has moved to a wider range of motion, as I twist open to warrior II or that my legs don’t shake in a strength posture or that my mind has let go of expectation.  

By letting yoga meet me where my mind and body were today, it turns out it was an exciting day!   I was able to glide right down into cobra pose!   I have not been able to lower from plank (full plank or on my knees) to my belly for 10 months!   I have honored and modified my yoga practice many times over these past 10 months and today when my brain let go of fear, my body made it possible….this was a big one for me.  I realized in that moment, once again, “all things are possible!"  Not just in yoga but in life!

I feel strong, without thinking or asking myself the question "am I stronger", it just happens.  My whole body smiles and I acknowledge,  “I feel strong!”  This is an ah ha moment for sure.  Noticing the change even as subtle as it can be…noticing + acknowledging is so important to overcome any obstacle and recognizing that, YES indeed all is possible.

I didn’t do 20 planks in a row and suddenly feel  “wow I could do 20 in a row. “ There is no measuring stick or finish line.  It is being in the moment and noticing that something is different, noticing the change.  Maybe it is the same as getting over that finish line and acknowledging you did it?  I don’t know, all I know is those moments for me have come thru my yoga practice and give me so much hope that the future is open to many possibilities.


Here is to opportunity, learning, growing and creating possibility! ~ Delia


“It's the possibility that keeps me going, not the guarantee.”  Nicholas SparksThe Notebook

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